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Graphic Novel Cover Illustration Idea...


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I'd read the book, John. Nice job.


John Cox:


Thanks for the kind word. I enjoy exploring visual themes that might grab a reader. Now, if I could only write with the same confidence....


John: Couple shots of Bushmills, deep breath. Start typing. Mention guns, fast cars, loose women, lots of sex. On the last page, throw in a character not previously mentioned. That person's uncle's cousin did it.

John Cox:


You're thinkin' John MacDonald...I'm thinkin' Neil Gaiman.


If you want to write, WRITE. Make notes, write short "seed idea" pieces, & keep everything. As you read back over things you've written, you'll see changes you want to make. The exercise of writing & self-editing is what makes you good & gives you the confidence you're looking for.

Convincing a useless (for any other purposes than as a gatekeeper & to take all of the proceeds you would have otherwise earned from your first 2 or 3 published works) dipstick "agent" to vigorously represent your work is another thing entirely...

...then check out what Thomas Sowell had to say about editors.

John Cox:


Thanks for the encouraging word. It's ironic that the very things I say about how one can start developing drawing skills - don't judge, think small at first, draw often-are the suggestions I balk at when it comes to narrative writing.

Baby steps.....

Dam this Blog is AWESOME. If you wrote this any better i would think you were a super human. lol nice.:)

The layout is what really caught my eye, then the i looked at the writing and i think you did a very nice job. Good work:)

Nice!! Great Info. Great People. Great Blog. Thank you for all the great sharing that is being done here.

thanks 1

You make blogging look like a walk in the park! I've been trying to blog daily but I just cant find writing material.. you're an inspiration to me and i'm sure many others!

Really nice pattern and great content , nothing at all else we need : D.


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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