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Coming Out Party



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In certain parts of Italy, they make a fantastic donkey salame.


November 2nd is going to be sooooo sweet! I'm not sure if I'll fly Old Glory or the Gadsden flag that day.



Navy Jack if you want to mix it up a little bit.

As a follow-up to this cartoon, John could illustrate the patriot field dressing the jackass...

...& no, I don't mean Keifums.


Weren't the original Boston Tea Party Community Activists dressed as Native Americans?

But that wouldn't make a good cartoon...

...and it doesn't sound funny when I use such PC terms either.


That is very funny! Especially since Italy has got their own Tea Party movement:



An Italian Tea Party?

This from a country where cheese can sell for well over $20 a pound, about 3 ounces of vinegar sells for over $100, & an ugly print shirt can go for $600+?

I'd have thought they'd be forming cheese, vinegar, or ugly shirt parties.


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