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and now a word from Abraham Lincoln...



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“Our country is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction, to wit: by consolidation of power first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.” – Thomas Jefferson

Hundreds of great thinkers & historians have echoed the same sentiment, going back to the ancients. It is the story of Rome. It is the story of Peloponnesus. It is the story of the Israelites when they sought to live in relative certainty under a lesser human king (numerous times)--or longed for the certainty of slavery after they had been liberated--rather than putting their trust where it belonged.

I am not very fond of Abraham Lincoln because of his many mercantilistic policies, however I think he ought to be recognised for at least three good reasons:

1. He won the war against the confederate slavers
2. He liberated the american slaves
3. He created the homestead act

So my hat off for Abe for those reasons.


Are you aware that Lincoln issued a letter to each of the governors lobbying them to influence their Senators to support a law that would have guaranteed slavery in perpetuity?


While slavery was, is, & always will be an abomination, I think it's a huge blight on America that slavery was abolished only after a war in which it was an agitating issue--& 145 years after the fact, the main end result for a large number of people is that they were essentially transferred from master's plantation to the government entitlement plantation. I forget the exact quote & who said it (Emerson?), but a man beholden is insomuch a slave.

IMO, Lincoln is over-romanticized. His "crowning achievement" was the first large step towards a massive centralized federal State--the abolition of secession for ANY reason--the end result being the dilution of EVERY person's individual rights.

While to the plantation owner "States' Rights" was code for "preservation of slavery", to the founders it was synonymous with individual rights--at least in rhetoric & in principle.


Exactly what I have gotten from my reading of a lot more history, since getting out of school. What we have today is the natural outcome of Lincoln's use of force to keep the Union.


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