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and now a word from Frank Zappa...



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Always have to wonder about the mental stability of a guy who'd name a child "Moon Unit".

Ed B:

Still, the man was a genius. And, much to his credit, he did manage to severely annoy Tipper Gore and the rest of the PMRC nanny-state do-gooders.



Don't leave out Dweezil--it's funny that the hospital where he was born refused to put that name on his birth certificate, & when he learned that "Dweezil"--the name he had always gone by--wasn't his legal name, he had it changed.

I wish Frank had been more of a true musician & less of a smart aleck... & as a musician, a little more concerned with creating "sound-scapes" & less a technician.

Kind of like his prodigy Steve Vai... When I first heard him play, I was shocked at how technically proficient he was on guitar. I'll always be in awe of his technical ability & virtuosity on guitar--but musically, he leaves me cold.

BUT--they both made more money & are better known than I'll ever be.


AND... Zappa's observation no longer holds true. Politics has pervaded industry so thoroughly that politics & industry are a chimera.


now a word from otto bismark
never believe anything in politics unitl it has offcially denied

Tom Wms:

In today's current brand of politics, it is no longer the entertainment branch of industry. It has become the burr under industry's saddle.


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