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Text What?



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Interesting. At first I was inclined to post "....sorry Toots, bit of an interrupt there. Herman wants to ring me bleedin bell 4 some reason. Nasty bloke, what."

Then I thought of the communications in letter from the battlefield home during the Civil War. Uncensored. They corrected that pretty quickly in succeeding wars.

Then came Vietnam. You could watch a war while eating dinner. Now you can jump over to YouTube and catch segments of actual small unit actions within hours of their happening.

Information is a wonderful thing. But at what cost? Do we become inured of violence and death? Do we begin to find it 'fascinating' from a distance.

Too bad there's no such thing as 'smell-a-vision'. Then you could really get the full effect. Nothing like a whiff of intestine and charred flesh to perk up your appetite to go along with the screams of pain and agony.



Your last paragraph is a small bit that's really indicative of what the old guys went through & used to talk about in the gatherings that I was listening in on & mentioned in the Memorial Day thread.

One of them survived the Bataan Death March, & told a story that was similar to one on a "Commish" episode featuring Ernest Borgnine--he told the story of a fellow prisoner who goaded the guards a bit, was taken away, executed, & his head thrown in a pot of rotten cabbage soup served to the remaining prisoners.

Another was an anti-aircraft gunner (average lifespan in combat, 8 minutes) who survived 2 years of air attacks only to be dumped on the side of an ice-covered mountain at the Battle of the Bulge, where he was injured by strafing with a large caliber gun, which also killed his best friend (who died in his arms).

A number served in various trench battles, the trenches described as a cross between an open mass grave & a cess pool.


Now here's my "Text":


"A voice from the past: Get a life you f___ing moron!!! We didn't lay our lives on the line so you could rot your brains out with useless technical gadgets & squander the liberties we fought so hard to protect. Live your life!!! Don't waste it watching some stupid glowing screen. What a waste of opposable thumbs."


Just seems that all of our 'instant communications' today trivialize what we do.

And the 'instant news' is a prime example. Do any of those talking heads go back and review what they said?


I believe that as technology advances, humans appear to become more boorish and stupid. Look at today's kids: they believe texting is as valid as writing and have the attention span of puppies. They also seem to believe that anything that happened before they were born isn't worth knowing. "That's so twenty minutes ago," they say.

Tom Wms.:

Hey, Thunderbottom: I agree, but it's not just the kids who don't see the relevance of history. My wife has been a teacher for over 35 years. She was as History major. Some of today's "educators" can't even spell History, much less recite it.


"i frt n ur gnrl dirxn"

French and G's smell-a-vision confluxed.


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