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What'll Ya Have?


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Mamma Obama's Diner. To put a point on it, 'ya can cover crap with any sauce you want, it's still crap'.

john cox:

He doesn't care want you PREFER, just what's GOOD FOR YOU.

He has envisioned you as a weak-minded,easily manipulated, perpectually victimized citizen with no intellectual right to question his superior vision.

May I have some more, please?


If he wasn't so goddamned deaf, he'd hear a chorus of distain. He'd hear the rustle of millions of his countrymen turning their backs on his counterfeit exhortations to action.

And I thought GWB was dull-witted.

Dr. Bob:

I just lost my appetite.

Gee, John - tell us what you REALLY think. hehehe


I'd like to know what the dipstick contingent over at LewRockwell.Com (& their ilk) with their "We need to punish Republicans, even if it means electing a bunch of enigmatic progressives we know nothing about" think now.

You see, geniuses, it's pointless to try to "punish" politicians with your vote. Legislators' perquisites are immediately vested as soon as they are elected, & they have exempted themselves from accountability by virtue of immoral law. Any attempt to punish politicians (short of a revolution) results in all the more hardships for the citizenry (& I don't think it's worth risking my life to fight for the liberty of a country of people who by & large will not stand up for themselves).

I don't think BHO is even concerned about "what's good for us". At most, I think he's concerned about what he thinks "we ought to have".

BHO stepped into office--like several of you pointed out--driven by his massive ego.

He's standing at the bottom of a tall ladder, & at the top he sees himself being lauded as the next Reagan--& he seems to think he can bypass the long, rung-by-rung climb to the top by bullying his way.

BHO is a modern-day Lucius Aurelius Commodus--a mollycoddled brat who longs deeply for greatness that he is not worthy of, yet for some reason believes he is entitled to.

Is this new Commodus sounding the death knell of the American republic?


This has been the lefts dream for at least a hundred years. They're close and for Obama, Pelosi, Reid et al., they don't care what they have to do, what they have to say, how many rules they have to change, how many lies they have to tell, or how many colleagues they have to run over with the bus, or in Reid's case, how many daggers he must fall on. I'm sick of this tyrannical son of a bitch. T's right. I hope all you protest voters or people who stayed home are satisfied, cause I blame you as much as them. Idiots.



john cox:


YES! I was vibing off the those bloody Vikings.

"Spam, spam, spam, spam, sausage and eggs, spam, spam,


Dr. Bob:

So is this crap that Obama is dishing up called the "red" plate special?

In my opinion, he's taken this far beyond socialism or Marxism, he's pushing for nothing less than a dictatorship.

As for voting them out, some young feller named Malcolm X made the point in 1964 that "It's the ballot or the bullet". While I don't agree with his political philosophy, we do need to get the right (double-entendre intended) people to run and vote them into office. I really don't want to get to the alternative that X mentions in his speech.

I didn't review this for accuracy, so buyer-beware

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