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24" x 48"
oil on canvas

This is a recently finished piece that's part of my new body of paintings focusing on memories of my youth.

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Steve M:

A little creepy and beautiful.
It makes me wonder what is going on just outside of the frame.
(Plus the eye follows me around the room)


"Memories of my youth"?


Memories of growing up in Alabama, South Carolina, Texas and Florida.


Yep, typical 'southern gentleman'. Picture of a nice southern belle, mention of youthful memories......


The hair and the elfin face made me think of ayn rand.

granted I just re-read (maybe read, who knows) Atlas Shrugged, so it's a little strong in my bean at the moment.


The eye looks like it could belong to Alyssa Milano. To think of the natural beauty she could have been...

The border makes me think of Br'er Rabbit peeping out from the briar patch.

I loved those stories when I was a kid.

"Whatever happens to Good Ol' Boys Like Me." (It's a Don Williams tune. Check it out.)

Candice Dyer:

That beautiful hair makes me think of a flapper -- maybe Louise Brooks or that famous Southern belle Zelda Fitzgerald. (A street preacher told my granny she was going to hell for bobbing her hair.)
And I love that Don Williams song, too -- sums much up!


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