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48" x 24"
oil on canvas

This is part of a new body of work I have going at my studio. I've been trying to recall my southern roots and painting what I consider to be my version of Southern Gothic. I'd like the artwork to be mysterious and dream-like with just a hint of eery. Yet, I'd like to keep them beautiful...somehow.

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Maybe you could work in some upside-down pentagrams or a goth-style Scarlet O'Hara. You could be the antithesis to Thomas Kincaid.

Actually, I really like the concept. The one you posted a while back... it had work gloves on a chopping block or a fencepost... that one & the "blue farmer"... they seemed to have the same kind of vibe (but not as dark).


...& I'll bet I spelled "Kincaid" wrong.

Candice Dyer:

I don't think there is any inherent contradiction between the grotesque and the beautiful. (Well, maybe sometimes in the trailer-park next door to me.) You're integrating them with Flannery O'Connor aplomb, I think.

Doc Al:

All I can say is, Wow! First the pears, now the ravens - you're going to compel me put away all my current art and decorate my walls with your stuff from now on.


"Going Southern", I can relate to that. You should see my collection of Elvis on black velvet.


Neat. I find it intriguing how the paintings can hit your interests like that.


Love the 3-D effect. It's stunning! Can't tell on the 'puter, I believe that this improves with distance...does it have an impressionistic effect?

Het Cowboy

No, it's rather tight in certain areas and a little blurry in others. I was going for a depth of field effect. The piece is pretty dang tight overall. Impressionistic is just a minor side effect.


I really liked this yesterday--& I still like it today.


The border on the top & the sides isn't working for me.

To my taste, it would really punch things up if there were 3 or 4 twisted old trees beyond the house & in the intermediate space between the house & the crows.

Maybe a pin oak, a magnolia, a birch, & some hazy "moonlight through the pines."

Not a criticism... Just a thought.


WHEW! That was close. Thanks for saving my painting! I've got to check with you more often before I begin my work.

Now, what size paint brush should I use for the changes?



Gee whiz. It was just an idea. Maybe use it on the next one. Maybe not.

If I knew which brush to use, I'd be doing this myself. I have MEGA admiration for your talent. GIGA even.

Concepts, I get. Impressions, I get. The big picture, I get.

Details? Brush strokes? I am LOST.


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