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Digital Illustration

I combined a figure study (oil on masonite) I did a while back with a wall texture I found in a book about the ruins of Pompeii. I played with the light intensity and the shadow depth to emphasize the emotional impact.. Too bad it's not on canvas.

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Have always been amazed at the artwork of Pompeii. Guess it comes from the parochial school education and reading Pliny the Elder in latin.



Do you not have the talent to take this figure study amalgam & turn it into a full-blown work?

It's a rhetorical question. I know you can do it.

If don't feel compelled to paint it, how about sending the uncompressed image to a shop with a giclée printer? (No exhorbitant set-up costs to deal with as with contact prints.)


Great idea! Gonna look into it.


I looked into putting this image on a 36" x36" canvas at CANVASONDEMAND.COM for $276. Plus a reasonable mark-up ($300), this could be very cool if I were go back onto the printed surface and added a thin layer of tone to give it an oil painting sheen. This piece could go for $576. Lesser size, lesser price, of course.

Any takers?


The boobs look fake.

A big WOW! for this one, John -- so pretty, and exotic.

Terwiliger I agree with you whole heartedly...

And, Wickedpinto, you are not looking at pornography: "boobs" do not exist in Fine Art.



Hey man, ever read this?


It's not great and it's not bad, but it is worth a read.



I don't have the free cash flow, & I'm still waiting on my bailout money.

Maybe later...Any chance you'd be willing to do this with some of your other work?


Definitely. I know this can work and I'll be happy to discuss details with anyone out there who migh think some of my posted work can be turned into "hanging art" via digital-to canvas techniques. Prices can be based on production cost.


This one would work much better, with natural boobs, did jenna sit in as the model?


Am I suppose to take you seriously?


My comments are art Jon.

You take it as you see it.

Also no, don't take me seriously, I'm a jackass most of the time.


Though I do suggest that in the future when using a model you use a natural model.

Why you think Kate Winslet is hot?

Not cuz she is really hollywood hot, but cuz the people think she is hot, cuz she is real, and ain't affraid of being real (though the recent diet thing is offputting)

My girl ain't tiny.

She's short, and has a bit of a waiste, WHY? cuz she plays soccer, and takes kun-fu course (in fact she just graduated from broadsword to stick studies) and I was a wrestler almost 20 years ago, she rides a crotch rocket, and she tests roads, Me? I'm affraid of hieghts and motorcycles.

Real women are interesting enough without giving validation to fakies.

That is really my point.

BTW my chick is HAWT!!!!

Find your way to OZ next year and she might pose for you, I think she will likely be pissed at me for makeing you wait that long.


I'm somewhere in between john.

You have a brush and an artistic eye.

My skill is with text, and especially with making people uncomfortable.

I go back with the typing stuff to at least '85, my father waking up in the middle of the night "ARE YOU MAKING POPCORN!!! IF NOT STOP THAT CRAP!!!"

I had an old pucketa keyboard, and I type like the wind.

No, you shouldn't take the farce as serious, but some other things you should.

I'm like you, I project what the others see.

ART! :)


as for how you should take me seriously?

should have used a darker background in general on your palate slate, and then, made the framed portions darker rather than lighter.

Should have turned the woman with milky skin into an even MORE milky woman with even more milky skin against the darker background.

I think this image would look great on marbled slate.


the focus of the image looks like she is strangling a mummy.

I don't know the exact basis of the image, but, Lightening the image of the individuals, and contrasting it with the background, like a black granite would be awesome, in my opinion.

NOTE: I'm not an artsy type, I just like pretty pictures.


And I love boobs, boobs rock!

Even gay guys love boobs.

You know why?

cuz boobs rock.


Very compelling. Thanks for your input.


Where are Nancy Reagan & Betty Ford when you need them?


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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