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Mrs. Pelosi hated the neighbor's kid. Last week he wanted a bonus for putting her newspaper on the front step each morning. Claimed it was in the contract she signed. Having never read the contract, she could not dispute his claim.


GF, you know better than that.

First, the kid wasn't required to deliver the paper. He was directed to "give the appearance of trying to exercise due diligence in making the paper available on an egalitarian basis--as long as it didn't interfere with his perquisites, his golf game, or his junkets to Sodom."

MIZZ Pelosi & Senator Reid negotiated that nasty little detail behind closed doors, buried it in a few reams of other paper, railroaded it through the House, pushed it through the Senate (neither of which read the "bill")...

...aided & abetted by the three RINOs ARLEN SPECTER, SUSAN COLLINS, & OLYMPIA SNOW...

...then some really charismatic dufus signed it.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, they want to tax the poor kid's bonus at 90%.

Is that what you'd call CYA?

I wonder if somebody they labelled "conservative" could get away with that. I also wonder why they repeatedly call this Keynesian meddling "the free market".


But..But...buttt..."T", they're only doing it "for our own good". Said so themselves. Can hardly wait for the drum beat that will emerge when The One activates his email list of Obamabots to flood the newspapers, blogs, and congressional phone lines in support of His Plans. Should be a real "Axelrod Moment".


It's a sad sad day, when Congress takes up pitch forks and torches in order to cover their collective ass. They've totally misled the public with this populist BS in order to cover trillion $ of spending waste. Confiscation of property seems to be the center-point of this presidency and this congress. Hell, they've already spent the money. This is just the beginning.

Mr. Pissy

Dr Bob:

When is a contract not a contract?

a) when Congress doesn't like a private contract,

b) when Congress approves the contract.

So, as long a Congress is around, no contract between two parties is safe. Darned near 234 years of contract law just got trashed.

Then for the coup de grace, Congress comes up with ex-post facto confiscatory laws to a small number of people to steal their bonuses. Screw the Constitution - we have our asses to cover for a frigging $160 million.

I'd expect this from the "seize power at every chance" jack-booted Democratic thugs, but I thought the Republicans knew better.

Fire them all.


Wonder when the Democrats will get around to passing a retroactive tax on Franklin Raines $90 million bonus from Fannie Mae?



Follow-up cartoon where he gets his bonus and everyone gets mad when he uses it for more baseballs to break windows?


“Oh how sweet it is to hear one’s own convictions from another’s lips.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I love you guys. A hearty "YWHS!!!" to each & every one of you.

Here's my solution to the bonus fiasco:

Rather than tax the bonuses, lets charge them off on a pro-rata basis against the appropriations to the districts of the Senators & the Congress-"men" who voted for them. There should be a "double indemnity" charge if the guy who signed the bill is also from your Senate district.

How's that for "increased accountability", Mr. Obama?

...And yes, I realize I left the "e" off of "Snowe". It's a typo, Leftocrats. Get over it.



I guess it was about a year ago that we were joking and patting each other on the back about about our nifty references to Animal Farm "YWHS". Not sure what to say now! It really is all right there and so quick! I'm a little speechless some days. Really! Will keep my humor though!... and my guns.


Pay for the bonuses with the pork, punish the porkers who didn't read the bill but still voted for it. That's genius, T. The one thing I'd add is a double charge to the turncoats in the Senate who killed the filibuster.


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