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Future Shock


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Unfortunately for us, there's a lot he doesn't "see comin'". But then, what he wants to 'accomplish' has nothing to do with fixing the economy.


I think he knows what he's doing and knows he's not fixing the economy. Apparently his socialist agenda is more important than the economy. This is going to be a disaster.

Sorry, having another one of those "How the Hell Did This Happen" days!


We have The One's socialist professors to thank. They still preach that communism was a 'success'. But Mr Hope and Change has started to run into the wall called Cold Hard Reality. Look for his approval numbers to fall off the cliff once he starts taxing that 95% he wasn't going to tax. You'll notice McCain's tax on health care benefits is now 'negotiable'.
Barry's going to need a new bus.


In short, this is how "it" happened:

Washington is run by lawyers--who apparently have no understanding of even the fundamentals of economics, finance, & industry.

They don't teach that stuff in law school. Check out the course catalogs & curriculum descriptions of any law school (or pre-law programs, for that matter), & you will find that the closest most lawyers get to studying economics is "the study of social policy" (this does not apply to most corporate attorneys, although most of them are better-schooled in law than they are in business).

In the various "social policy" courses, the emphasis is on "the distribution of wealth, the morals of the fairness of unequally distributed wealth, & the morals of the redistribution of wealth".

Compound this with a Canon of Ethics that emphasizes amorality, promotes the suspension of personal morality, & is eroded by precedent (suspension of thought in favor of dependence on prior decisions), relativism, & ever-encroaching activism.

We then take a big pile of these educated fools who: (1) all think this way; (2) want to stay in power; (3) have control over ridiculous sums of money; & (4) are checked only by a populace that thinks they're doing their job when they show up at the polls once every 4 years (or take tea they bought themselves & throw in the river as a "symbolic gesture)--& we give [the educated fools] free rein over our central bank, our money, our economy--& on top of that, we entrust them with our national safety.

"We have met the enemy and he is us." - Walt Kelly, Pogo


Hey T.

I agree with your breakdown..and pretty much knew that. That's not the question I was really asking. Let me state this to be more clear and less PC.

How the hell did this SOB get elected?


"How the hell did this SOB get elected?"

Several reasons. The sudden meltdown of the economy. Dissatisfaction that "problems" don't get resolved in 30 minutes (including breaks for commericals), plus an individual who allows people to 'see what they want to see' in him, irrespective of who he actually is. Then throw in a bunch of pissed-off conservatives who decided to 'stay home' on Nov.4th.



I know I know I know...that's what's so depressing.


Let me add to GF's list:

(1) An alarming (& growing) anti-achievement, anti-intellect, amusement-obsessed instant gratification youth culture. Rock the vote. Vote or die. Yes we can. Change we can believe in. Brother can you spare a dime? That wasn't the kind of "change" they were expecting, but that's what they'll be getting.

(2) A compulsory gubmint indoctrination system that is the bane of the industrialized world. We are the only industrialized country that still holds to the antiquated notion that all people are equally educable. If the idjits in (1) were in another country, they'd be in vocational school by the age of 12.

(3) Universal suffrage. See (1) & (2).

(4) Democrats voting in open Republican primaries. John McCain-Feingold (that's a spoof on Rodham-Clinton, BTW) is a joke. The Democrats' favorite Republican, he's their joke on us. He would have been only slightly marginally less worse than Obama.

(5) I ripped lawyers for being ignorant of economics & finance. The sad truth is the vast majority of the general population is functionally ignorant of those subjects as well.


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