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Kirkwood remembered the admonition from dog obedience school, "Always be clear and concise when correcting your dogs bad behavior".

Kirkwood has a future with the U.N. or Obama's Department of State .


Alright! Sit! Now Drop! Come on, DROP it! I said Drop It! Where are those doggie cookies?


Is it just me or has Kirkwood lost some weight?


"Kirkwood" is not a WHO....it's a WHERE. Many odd things happen in this part of town.

seattle burb?

I actually saw this as a metaphor for Obama's foreign policy.


"Many odd things happen in this part of town."

Hey, just like Washington, DC!

Tom Wms.:

I had a dog like that once. He was a Doberman-Retriever. He'd bite your ass off and bring you the pieces.



The first thing I thought was how you might have worked a puppet into this one...

...then I was overwhelmed by the possibilities.

You were wise to do it this way.

Although...Wouldn't it be cool to do a version with both hands excluded so people could submit their versions--the best of which (or an amalgam) could be cleaned up & done by you?

I don't really mean to actually do it. Just a "what if" thought.


Just struck me: You could label that dog "IRS"....the rest follows logically.....


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