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Best Actor Sean Penn


Penn wins Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in the the movie, "Milk".

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Hollywood awards Oscar to dead homosexual because he's a dead homosexual.

Face it, if the movie had been titled "Moscone" no one would have ever heard of it.

21st in ranking at the box office. Yep, a real winner there.

Isn't this like the Swedes giving Gore the Nobel Prize?


I know what you mean. The movies they choose to reward and the movies we want to watch seem to be on different planes.


I'm so tired of the Hollywood bullshit. Quit watching the Oscars several years ago. Don't want to go off on a rant here, but for the most part, Hollywood is filled with hopeless uneducated twits. Their actions off the screen ruin many pictures that I do want to see on the screen. They should just act and shut up with their stupid politics and stupid causes.


Did anybody but me notice that he didn't thank his wife and kid? She was Jenny and the Princess Bride for Christ's sake. What an asshole.

Jonathan Hohensee:

I liked his portrayal; Van Sant managed to control Penn's performance into a restrained, charismatic character.

He deserves the award, especially if you compare it to his awful performance in All the King's Men.

How could he thank his wife?

He had to thank himself too many times, and by the time THAT was done, how could he possibly remember his wife?



That's exactly why I haven't been in a theater since Gods and Generals.

I liked that movie, but the fact that I like it doesn't necessarily make it good.

The way I saw it, G & G was the "War Against Southern Independence" version of Gandhi. I didn't care much for Gandhi because of the protracted "uprising" scenes--I (& many critics) had the same problem with the battle scenes in G & G. IMO, that effect has been done to death.

However, I think it would do a lot of people good to hear some of the dialog in G & G regarding the place of the federal government.

Dr Bob:

I don't watch movies in theaters nor do I rent them. I wouldn't want to contribute to their coffers.

I do catch an occasional movie on TV.

The problem with these awards is that the award selections are tainted with an agenda, much like the Nobels. The fact that Yassir Arafat and Al Gore both won Nobel prizes says far more about the putrid, screwed up values of the Nobel selection committee than it does about the recipients.

Oh, and by the way, make mine 2%.


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