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Even in later years, Kirkwood never lost his talent for biting sarcasm.


Yea, verily... the Puppet maketh the Man.


This cracks me up in the biggest way. In my mind, it's competing with my all-time favorite cartoon--a Far Side that shows a kid practicing his Tuba behind an outhouse, & stunned on-lookers looking at the outhouse from the other side.

2 questions:

(1) Where exactly did Kirkwood come from?

(2) You ink your cartoons with a brush, right?


(By the way, I saw "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr.T" recently. The evil piano genius is Dr.Terwiliger. Is your handle a tribute?)


1) Kirkwood is an actual neighborhood here in Decatur. It's filled with oddballs and misfits and I thought that the name might make a fun platform for my random gag cartoons.

2) Though I'm familiar with brush line work, I'm more comfortable with a variety of pens and nib sizes that give me all the options I need without the mess.

Good questions,,,,,



For whatever reason, "Puppet Man" cracks me up more than anything you've done so far. I'd like to see him in syndication (even more so than "Quiptoons").

"Terwiliger" is a dual tribute to Dr. Seuss (although the Dr. T. in that movie was actually "Dr. Terwilliker")--& Bart Simpson.

When I had my tonsils out, somebody gave me a copy of "If I Ran the Circus". Fan of Seuss ever since.

Sometimes when Bart Simpson got into mischief, there was an angry authority figure demanding to know his name; one time Bart replied "Why, it's Terwilliger, mate!" (I think Sideshow Bob's last name was also Terwilliger).

I thought that "Terwiliger" would be a funny handle when playing video games with my nephew. I had to drop one "L" because there wasn't enough room in the field to fit all of the letters; thus "Terwiliger".

Coincidentally, Dr. Terwilliker's named student in "5,000 Fingers" is also Bart.


Nice. I love the inside scoop on my commenters. Color me "intrigued".


I'm sure a shrink could make a lot out of what we use for 'names' on the internet.

I heard a rumor that Al Gore likes to sign off with "God".


My kind of guys!
I would hang w/them...*



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