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Thursday Bloody Thursday


I like my holidays like I like my turkey meat: dark.

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Dark meat's the way to go. In my family, we have to buy a larger Turkey to satisfy all the dark meat eaters; then we're left with a bunch of that white stuff. Oh well! It's ok on sanwishes (which is what the rest of the weekend is about) but still not as good as dark. Personally, I fast a little bit to be extra hungry! Arrrrgh! The four Fs. Family, Friends, Football and Freedom. That's Thanksgiving!

A wonderful one to all of you!


A happy and peaceful Thanksgiving to you all!

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, guys! Thanks for sharing your wonderful and quirky art, John.

Gobble. :)


Dark or white... it's all good if it's cooked right. I'm thankful to live in a land where we are afforded such a bounty that we have the luxury to be picky about it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

God bless us, every one.

Steve M:

Is it just me-or is that turkey plotting some sort of revenge?


Yeah, come to think about it, he does have a shady, unshaven look about him. Probably bears watching!


Well, it was the intent of the illustration to leave that to the viewers imagination. I kinda prefer thinking this turkey is scheming.

There's a prodigal son quality to it...


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