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CD Cover Idea


Watched "Immortal Beloved" recently. Gary Oldman is terrific as Ludwig Van Beethoven. And of course, the music is profound and utterly monumental.

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Steve M:

Love the movie-love the illustration-nice layering effects. It took me a moment to see the face, nice bonus touch.


Wow! I didn't see the face at first either. Beautiful John! I'm also a fan of this movie and of Beethoven.


I was curious how much I could distort the woman's face before it became a mere abtract shape. Cut it kinda close, I think.

Still trying to pick up the tricks you mastered YEARS ago.

Thanks for the nice word.


That is a FANTASTIC cover piece! You've out done yourself. Ludwig would no doubt approve. :o)

Like the art, but more I like the actor.

Gary Oldmann didn't just play Beethoven, he also played Cyd Viscious.



Sweet image manipulation. What is the cheapest way to pick up Photoshop (theft not included)? I'm using an old copy of MS Image Composer, & I've pushed it about as far as it can go.

Never heard of the movie. I'll have to check it out. Just checked the release date--back then, I divided my time between work, the library, & the golf course.

Of course Beethoven is unrivaled.

Then again, art isn't a contest (except between the artist & himself).


I get a kick out of the myriad of artistic choices I can make when I take an idea to digital. Still prefer classic methods of artwork, though.

Highly recommend the flick. Lots of great details, lush production. And a bit sad.

Photoshop came with my eMac. I don't have any advice about getting it cheaply.


You can get Photoshop Elements, which is the cheaper version (less than $100). It has a great deal of the functionality of the vastly more expensive version.


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