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Trick or.....WHA?


Crazy Nude Baghead Guy would drop by on Halloween in my old neighborhood and I'd give him a couple of airline bottles of Jim Beam and call 911.....just in case.

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I'd give 'em a couple rounds of rock salt. Save the Beam for me!

Steve M:

ha ha ha ha ha ha


Oh that's just my far off uncle. Cowboy Clinton. He loves Halloween and fancy cigars. Sometimes he drinks a bit.

Tom Wms.:

Identity revealed: Crazy Nude Baghead Guy is none other than the famous Vulcan scientist, Mr. Spock. Notice the bulging ear under the bag and the familiar Vulcan greeting made with the right hand.


Looks like "Unknown Comic" to me...

..."Papa got brand new bag"...

...Why it all wrinkly?


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