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Can you get him to move a little slower.


Hopefully he's not stopping or moving backwards, but I'm afraid that's what's going to happen.

...And if the socialists get in charge, you might as well put that snail in a blender. We'll be up to our knees in a feces laden drainage. I'll be working until I drop supporting pension plans for dropouts, pushers, the great unwashed, and urban outdoorsmen.

...and if the dog hadn't stopped to pee, he'd have caught the rabbit!
Cowboy 2008

-Sorry, I'm venting again. Rough day.


"He's so slow, he has to speed up to stop."

(a clandestine über-analyst, when asked to contextualize the abject absence of intellect demonstrated by Barack Obama in his various "explanations" of his tax scheme)


"...and even at that, he blows the figurative 'intellectual doors' off of his supporters."

(that same über-analyst on anybody who buys Barack Obama's schpiel)


"...that's not a slime trail they leave behind--that's drool...& that isn't a shell--that's a stylized leather helmet."

(über-analyst on Obama & his minions, cont'd.)

"Barack Obama...YAAAY! Barack Obama...YAAAY! Barack Obama...YAAAY!"

(either Crank Yankers' "Special Ed" or the typical Obama supporter... I can't tell the difference any more)

Cowboy, a question: Why? Why are you willing to support all the looters?


Hey The Chad:

I'm not sure what you mean by looters but I can guess. If you want to know where I'm coming from I have a couple of introductory references to get you started. The first one is: Basic Economics by



Sorry hit the wrong dam button.

The first reference is Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. He's written a lot of books on economics but this is a good start. He sits in the "Senior Chair" at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. Oh by the way, he is an Afro-American. The second book is called Atlas Shrugged which is only one of several books by Ayn Rand. She was a philosopher and economist who escaped the collectivism and communism of Russia under Stalin. She promotes individualism, self responsibility, and capitalism. Neither one of these people are extreme or obtuse. This is where I come from. Take a read and see if you're interested.



Sowell isn't "African-American"--he's American, period. I don't think he'd go for "hyphenatedism" (Methinks I just invented a new word!) or being called a "hyphenatedian" (That's two!).

I'd ad The Law by Frédéric Bastiat (& perhaps Economic Sophisms). There are all kinds of good things to read at The Library of Economics and Liberty.

“Life, faculties, production—in other words, individuality, liberty, property—this is man. And in spite of the cunning of artful political leaders, these three gifts from God precede all human legislation, and are superior to it. Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.” - Frédéric Bastiat, The Law


Good point Terwiliger-man. Oh there I go again.

I hope we can get this snail moving on a downhill grade so gravity can speed it along. And for pessimists, don’t go sprinkling any salt around. I’m sure things will become a little better once Obama is elected.



That is indeed myopic foolishness.

Follow this link to a piece written by Neal Boortz. It's written as an open column "TO THE UNDECIDED VOTER"; however, I think it would have been better had he written it as an "open column to Obama supporters".

I suggest that you read the whole thing--but at the very least, scroll down to the heading "Obama's Tax Policies" & read from there.

It's a shame that we can't let you Obama-ites test his "vision" in a controlled environment where it won't drag the rest of us down, but if he's elected, we'll be here four years from now to tell you "We told you so".

“Some people are just wrong about things, and only the observation of the harmfulness of their ideas put into practice can make them see that.” – John Petrie



The brain trust who doesn't know that Alaska borders Russia is back!

He claims to have "a global outlook" and "a comprehensive understanding of government...and economics"--& he's an Obama supporter!


He's written a book! ROTFLMAO!

Toilet paper & firewood will have to get mighty scarce before I waste money on that.

But then again, he does want to put Obama in office. Maybe that's his "marketing strategy."

Terwiliger: As a good libertarian I used to always read Neal Boortz’s commentary but about five years ago he has strayed from the central path and has become a republican. You missed some of the obvious clues in this article like calling Obama names like “Messiah”, “Chosen One.” The republican campaign has come down to a hollow shell of no substance and whose only hope to win this election is to call the democrat stupid little names—how childish—how Boortz like. Boortz’s comments are dumb and for your amusement value I will dissect these comments and post them on my site tonight. I’m sad people are not intelligent enough to draw their own conclusion based on their research without having Boortz tell them/you what to think.

I have recently written a book entitled "Political Battles Fought and Lost on the Internet." It's a humorous and fast read which helps explain why McCain will lose this election. You can find a link to this book on my web site.



Those complaints are basic complaints I have with every talking head--Lefty or Righty.

However, you are being distracted from core ideas & sound economic principles by what are in fact ancilliary non-issues.

Following is the "Terwiliger's Notes" summary of Obama's tax "policies".


I have read the Obama economic policies carefully. I have always been a good libertarian, a good soldier, and educated enough to understand what I read.

I feel like I just polluted my web site by addressing your Neal Boortz article for your amusement. http://www.rexacrouch.com/

TERWILIGER'S NOTES on Obama's economic policies:

Obama wants to raise top marginal rates to seize productive assets from investors & producers to “spread the wealth”.

Investors have a required rate of return. Increased tax rates lower the rate of return for capital projects. The rate structure Obama is pushing will lower the rate of return on capital projects to the point that many investors will not be willing to take the risk of investing in capital projects.

Producers have to meet their investors’ required rate of return. A higher marginal tax rate means they have to raise prices to do so.

MAXIM: Producers don’t pay taxes. To producers, taxes represent nothing more than an arbitrarily imposed cost. Producers pass taxes on to their consumers in the form of higher prices. Higher prices result in decreased demand, which results in even higher prices, & so on. In the end, a tax on “the rich” ends up being a tax on “the poor.”

MAXIM: When arbitrary external costs are imposed, producers will look for ways to reduce costs. The most effective way producers have for not dealing with these costs is to outsource to countries where the labor cost helps to make up for the oppressive tax structure (ADDED BENEFIT: Producers generally do not have to pay taxes on income generated by operations in other countries until they declare it in their home country; they "park" those assets until it becomes either more favorable or absolutely necessary to move them.)

As demand falls, production falls. Employees lose jobs. This will be accelerated by Obama policies aimed at increasing benefits (which, in the end, is increasing the cost of production). The result is not only higher domestic unemployment, but higher global unemployment.

MAXIM: In the end, higher marginal tax rates effectively do nothing but restrict cash flow.

The policies of “Progressives” like Obama are in fact “regressive” in terms of their effect on economies. [They] institute these “policies” to make things “fairer.” As the productive respond to these “policies” in an attempt to remain productive, “fairness” decreases; in order to raise the level of “fairness,” progressives respond with an even more aggressive “fairness” policy.

This downward spiral continues until investors & producers reach the point of saying, “The net present value of these projects is too low to justify us pursuing them; we’re better off sitting on our money than we are taking the risk with capital projects that have no way of paying a return commensurate with the risk.”


MAXIM: Economics is not a zero-sum endeavor. It is a cash-flow endeavor. It is better to let the producers reap the benefits of their efforts & have abundant assets to employ more workers.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Obama’s policies are more “progressive” (read: Leftist) than Jimmy Carter’s were. A potentially bigger problem we will face is the mass nationalization of private assets.



You are constantly espousing your "reasoning" & "logic", yet the only things you comment on at any length are these silly little non-issues.

You repeatedly say things to the effect of "I've read [that] & I understand it."

Well, I'm calling you out.

Write an in-depth analysis of the economic & financial impact of Obama's policies. Outline those policies, explain them, & discuss the effect that similar policies have had on economies in the past.

Sell us on what it is about Obama's policies that makes them superior--from an economic & financial perspective.

Avoid getting caught up in the childishness of personal labels. Stick to discussing economic & financial principles. When you're done, I'll read THAT--but I don't expect you to ever write it.



As you know, "if you argue with a pig, you just get frustrated and it annoys the pig."


Let's take a deep breath......


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