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This is my illustration for Allen Forkum's Automotive Report. It's an ad for his paper that reminds his customers how rough economic times require aggressive advertising to keep up with the competition.

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Great illustration of the power of marketing and advertising.


It's amazing what happens when you treat the customer right. All too often the customer is treated like a burden or interruption.

I can recall going into a coffee shop. The employee behind the counter was on her cell phone with a friend. After two minutes and not even an acknowledgement I was there, I left.


Hey, this is great! Shows how ingenuity, creativity and a little hard work wins out again. Good for him!

Sounds like you were another victim of, what I refer to as, the U-Generation (Underachiever). I hope you at least left a tip, you unfair bastard.



What does ad budget have to do with customer service?



Thunked of it right after I hit send. Don't actually give better service; just repeatedly tell customer he's getting better service while giving him worse service.

"Change" anyone?


Good one!

Barack Obama:

"That's right folks. When I'm uh... I'm uh... uh... I'm uh... talkin' about change... I'm uh... I'm uh... uh... I'm sayin' that's uh... that's all you're uh... uh... that's all you're going to have left in your pockets! That's my dream for this countreh... We uh.. uh... have to uh... bring evrehbodeh together... Uh... uh... it isn't fair that uh... uh... the rich have all that moneh... uh... uh... and the working guy onleh has a 46" plasma, 147 pairs of sneakers... uh.. uh... a 1982 Toyota Tercel with 18" spinners, uh... uh... or maybe a gas-guzzling pickup he can't afford to replace... uh... uh... with maybe 40" tires... uh... uh... and maybe a collection of NASCAR commemorative plates. We've got to uh... uh... come together and uh... uh... share the wealth! It's us against them! Uh... uh... Yeah, that's it... Uh... What?"

"A uh... uh... a roll of quarters in every pocket... uh... and no more than a roll of quarters in every pocket... and uh.. uh... & uh... a hybrid in evreh parking space!"


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