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Haiku What?

Behind the make-up,
Underneath mere skin and bone,
Music still mattered.

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And you.


Some recognition,
Is that too much to ask you?
Don't call me Bozo.


Give him a break will ya!

As we all know, Flinchy's past is very colorful, complicated, and for the most part, secret. His biggest secret? Well, he was a boy genius whose natural gifts on the piano led many to believe that he was a savant. He briefly attended Julliard but had to leave when a scandal erupted because of his affair with the secretary for the Dean of the Dance Department. We all know what happened to his unfortunate life after that.

Late at night, he is often found in the "Clowns Den" pretending to be "The Piano Man" and reflecting on a life that could have been.

How sad!


You had to bring up the Dance Department thing. Talk about humiliation! Didn't ANYONE see those size 16's when he first came in?


Yes, he is a frustrated artist (who isn't?) but he still cultivates the enui that is part and parcel of the"hit clown" business. The surreal melancholy that burbles up from his mercenary soul leads him to the ivories every Friday night at The Den. Listen when he plays "One For My Baby"...you'll not only feel his pain, you'll wear it home like a beat-up fedora your wife left on the lawn the day she left ya.

Jonathan Logan:

I walk alone
The night and Motzart
My tagline.

A tender pause
Within a tattered memory and
A .40 cal.

I see thy face
amid the scattered leaves
of Gershwin.

My solace found
With this empty turmiol
And #16 soles.


Smile turns to a frown
Dey’s a brand new clown in town
Got’s dem “Barry Blues”

My new obsession
Fo’ years o’ dark depression
What is we gon' do?

Way things be lookin’
We’s really gon' gits tookin’
Thanks to DEMs we’s screw’d

Haid is a reelin’
Caint shake dis dreadful feelin’
Got’s dem “Barry Blues”

Yeah it's a sad, sad note
But dis's whuts we gits when we’s lets every joker vote
Pure democracy, misery, an’ d’ bluuuuuuuuues


Now here’s d’ “getter”
Ol’ Johnny ain’t much better
(Seems) either way we lose


".....you'll wear it home like a beat-up fedora your wife left on the lawn the day she left ya."


That beats "It was a dark and stormy night" by a mile!


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