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'Tis the season...


(with apologies to the Shultz empire)

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I think you're right. In the end, the media doesn't want Barack to win. Hillary Clinton is supposed to be the first minority in the oval office and they'll promote her even harder in 2012.


Come On! Kick it! Lucy has "Changed".


Personally, I think the media is, for the most part, in the tank for Obama. They want to be part of the 'history'. They get their way, they'll get their first black president who will have a failed administration. After 4 years we'll still be hearing "It's all Bush's fault". Hillary! doesn't want to be tied to Obama's administration. How do you run for President in 2012 having supported a failure? (See: Jimmah Carter).

Tom Wms.:

I think the true irony here is in the media saying, "Trust me."

Tom Wms.:

Here's an idea, John. How about a whole line up of media Lucys with different faces: 1. Any of the women from "The View", 2. Katie Curious, 3. Charlie Gibson, 4. Chris Mathews, you get the idea.


Mmm. I think it should be Sarah Palin kicking the ball...

Tom Wms.:

Maybe it should be Sarah Palin kicking the media.


I think the media is (are?) in it for themselves. They benefit from having things as mucked-up as they can get. They support Democrats not because they think they will be better leaders (or for whatever other "better" reason), but because they think Democrats will muck things up worse than Republicans will. This expands media's role, in turn increasing their "prestige" and fattening their corporate bottom lines.


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