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Say What?


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I'm not liking where this one could go.


"Don't mind me. I'm just teeing up another opportunity for Biden, The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, & a bunch more condescending Democrats to further marginalize my utter lack of qualification to be president with yet another tactless racial slur. I really get a kick out of watching the Right's disbelief when the greater media fails to call out the Democrats for their subdued racism."


"Uh, that wasn't what you thought you saw, officer; I'm suffering from media overexposure.

Little girl, are you registered to vote yet?


Go ahead, take a bite out of the apple.


"Officer, I'm just hugging her tree. There may also be a little heavy petting. But I assure it's completely platonic."

If I were looking for a white rabbit, I'd ask the Mad Hatter.

[I loved Garand Fan's line.]

Tom Wms.:



Sorry Mam, I've nationalized your orchard! Had to do it! We're getting the low hanging fruit first. (pun intended)


SHE says I have no pants on?
Now officer, you gonna believe that RACIST white bitch or me, The Chosen One, The Obamassiah?


Damn! Ain't there one place on earth where I can finish my waffle?!



Funny--but he's too wimpy to get a bowling ball stuck in a tree (unless you're talking candle pins).

Dr Bob:

I'm just preparing to lynch John McCain. It's ok, because we all know that what I say can't possibly be racist.


"A new season is coming, so I'm up here working for change...REAL change...reds, oranges, & browns...not just the old status quo. Yeah, I know it's ridiculous--& yeah, I know I have about as much control over this as I do the climate--or the ability to 'create jobs'...but this is about appearances, dammit--& the Left won't call me on my appearance of stupidity as long as I put forth the appearance that I care about their idiotic 'causes'."


"Man, I was just at the WILDEST party. I was tripping on 'shrooms, & then I shrunk. I went through this door that led to the hollow of this tree. There were all these cards that contained factoids about my shady past, but nobody played them for the fear that no matter what card they played, somebody would call it a "race card". I had all of these delusions about how great a socialist world would be--& the voters were BUYING IT, man. Then this guy sneaks me a cake, & BOOM...reality check. I'm back to full size, & my head is sticking out of this knot hole."


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