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I'm sorry about that, but you're the one who put on a costume that makes you look like a hydrant.


So after the UFO beamed you up, and they inserted the anal probe, what happended?

Sorry, dude....your "space ship" might be a bit moist


I used to go in for that whole aluminum foil hat protection racket too. Then I just gave in to their mind control. They say "sit" and I put my tush down. Gets me treats. You should try it.


It's all about how you sniff 'em, though the sunglasses do look good on you.


Don't try to pull that Underdog crap with me! Sweet Polly Purebred is behind the tree and she likes it...a lot. And don't try the hydrant either. I'll top you every time. GRRRRRR!

So, in null gravity does it still spray, or does it just float around in little balls, like so many amoebas?


"I can't tell which one of you is the one who wants to be Führer & which one is the one wants to be Reichsmarschall...but I'll give you the both the same salute regardless."


"...& stop trying so hard to prove to everybody you're a Komrade, change-boy."


I don't care if your spaceship leaves in five minutes, I said "occupied"!

Tom Wms.:

So, let see if I understand you correctly. If I wear that helmet and cape, I will be impurvious to mail trucks, school buses, teenagers racing down my street, blah, blah, blah? I don't THINK SO, Sparky!

No, you're not Bismark and this is not Germany!


"Nice outfit--but I still refuse to call you Hellmutt. I know the names our owners give us can be stigmatizing, & I know you hate it when they razz you at the dog park...However, I've known you as Binkie all my life, & you'll always be Binkie to me."


No, I'm not going to refer to you as "mein fuhrer". Now get rid of that stupid mustache.

The Culinarian:

I can't believe you just showed me how to sign your name with poo... Pretty good though.


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