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Automotive Report 'Toon


This is for the October issue of Allen Forkum's Automotive Report.

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Jonathan Hohensee:

Corny humor and dark humor always mixes really well together.


You know a site is popular when the spammers show up.


Is there a way out of this crap?


HEY J.C. & G

That's what a Garand is for. I dig Garands, but as historic infantry bang-sticks go, I'm partial to the Swedish M96.


That was a joke. Now go wash yourselves & change your shorts.


Careful there Terwilly.

You'll awake the Crauch-man (Crotch)again and we'll all have to watch our grammar. LOL

BTW...I've been looking for the right buy on a Garand myself for the last few months.

Hey John, I get an enormous amount of Spam on the contact page for my small business website. I've got a call into the provider to see if there's anything I can do.


I'd like to have one myself, but I keep running across specimens built on surplus receivers with ill-fitting parts & mismatched furniture. Granted they're cheap, but the smith work it would take to make them right isn't worth it. However, I don't want to part with the dough a good one brings either.


Since you brought up Rex "The Braintrust" Crouch, check that page in the archives. In case you missed it, there were a bunch of other things he was wrong about.

He must have been the kind of soldier that John Kerry was talking about.


removing the URL entry field from comments would be a first step... the spammers use it for SEO


Good description of what's available T. I'll probably put out the money eventually. A decent M14 is also on the list.

Militant Bibliophile:

Now THAT'S funny!

I got my Garand a few years back and it remains my pride and joy. Yes, it's a rebuild and the trigger housing group doesn't fit QUITE right (nothing a boot band won't fix), but it fires well and has yet to bite me.

Next up: AK-47 or M-14, whichever I can afford first (for deh Revolution, man!)



I think you meant "devolution". The time may come when our country's "infrastructure" collapses & it's every man for himself--but by & large, too many of us are too comfortable/complacent to stand up for (& too ignorant to understand) principles like the revolutionaries who originally freed us stood up for & tried to secure for us.


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