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Sketch Book


Set in the misty hollows of Appalachia, the epic saga of an inventive 13 year-old unfolds....

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Tom Wms.:

The front teeth look like fingers. I'll bet his parents were too closely related.


Ahab Suggs was a child prodigy. He dropped out after the 8th grade, figuring that school couldn't be that challenging, given that his Dad was in the same class. Besides, all the heckling he got about being his Mom's own cousin kinda grated on his sensiblities. While spending the odd afternoon plucking wings off of flies, he often wondered at the strange coincidence that had his Mom's madien name identical to his Dad's. Oh well, his up-coming marriage to his Dad's second wife's daughter would take his mind off things for awhile. OMG! What if she was a virgin? I mean, if she wasn't good enough for her own family, what makes then think she'd be good enough for his family? Oh the trials and tribulations of a 13 year old!

Militant Bibliophile:

GarandFan, dude, that's seriously twisted!

Otherwise, I see the makings of a mildly subversive, strangely compelling children's book about a boy and his [insert odd mountain dwelling pet here] who takes on the evil county commissioners who want to take his Pa's land and give it to some nasty mine owners.


The Suggs family are partial to ferrets now. Used to have pit bulls, but the ferrets moved in and took over. Nancy Jo got into a tussle one night with the "pets". Seems they wanted the road kill in the stew pot. Nancy Jo's nose don't work none to well since that accident in the local ice plant. She swore it was opossum in the pot. Ahab says it were skunk. Since the ferrets won, nobody's really sure.


Perhaps Ahab wasn't so bright. He should have realized there was a problem long before he learned that Aunt Mama's maiden name was the same as Uncle Daddy's last name.

On an unrelated note...Why does a Melungeon kid bear a more than passing resemblance to the leader of North Korea?


I see the resemblance too Terwiliger! Except I've seen those ears and teeth somewhere too. Hmmm lets see! Oh ya! That's it! He's running for president.

Tom Wms.:

The reason for the Korean resemblance is that the early Appalacian Gaelic settlers (note the plaid shirt) had oriental housekeepers. The settlement was originallycalled New Scotland, but eventually evolved in Pondelosa.


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