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Olympics Poster Idea


I was interested in producing an image that had less flash and more heart than the spiffy ones I've seen so far.

And did anyone else out there think that the opening ceremony in Beijing seemed creepy? Having tens of thousands of citizens perform like soulless cogs in a jaw-dropping pageant DID NOT uplift my spirit.

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John: You got that right, still I was hoping for that moment when someone would rush in and throw a hammer, smashing the screen of big brother. Unfortuately, it didn't happen.

The creepy part was where they were all under those boxes that kept going up and down in patterns over and over again. I thought for sure it was controlled by computers, but then in the end they all popped their heads out of the boxes. Weird!

And now it turns out that the cute little singing girl was lip-syncing. A different girl, judged too homely for the stage by party officials, was doing the singing.


I missed it all--yet I don't feel like I missed anything.

The "boxes" thing almost sounds funny. Maybe that was the opressed-third-world-proletariat-under-a-totalitarian-dictatorship version of Sokoban.


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