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Illustration Gig


This is a recent illustration job for Allen Forkum's "Automotive Report". The cover story is about how mechanics can trim waste and benefit from leaner business practices.

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Where does Forkum publish this report...Utopia?

Mechanics around here generally don't worry about trimming waste; they just fatten up the bill.

On an unrelated note...If I ever saw a mechanic exerting that much effort, I believe I'd have a stroke.


Think of his Automotilve Report as mostly an advertising vehilcle for bodyshop owners. The more positive the slant, the more advertisers he attracts. Many of the articles have to do with the "should and shouldn'ts" of the business.

Tom Wms.:

Hey, Terwiliger:

He's chasing the dream. Actually, we publish out of Nashville and have a circulation of about 45,000 in 14 states.

We're not so much a vehicle for body shop owners as we are for people who want to sell parts and equipment to shop owners.



Thanks for clearing that up.

For a while, I wondered how somebody could be fatigued with the "dark side" of politics [& politicians], yet work with mechanics.

Then I recalled the words of the progeny of one of my favorite authors:

“I prefer rogues to imbeciles because they sometimes take a rest.” – Alexandre Dumas the Younger


To the honest mechanics of the world--wherever you are--my sincere apologies.


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