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Sketchbook Refugees


More samples from an expanding metropolis of homeless characters wandering my sketchbook pages.

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Well 1/4 of your mind is in the right place! :o) It's that other 3/4's of evil thoughts that's keeping you up nights!

Tom Wms.:

Top left - New super hero: Pelican Man
Top right - Bart Simpson on acid
Center - Achmed the Skier
Bottom right - Can't remember her name, but I think I met her in a bar in Pensacola years ago.


Dunno about that last one...seem to recall meeting her on R&R in Sydney. I'd remember those.....never mind. :o)

Tom Wms.:

Hey GarandFan,
I was never in Sydney, but that girl got around.


This could be from a trip that John took as a child while under the influence of nitrous at the dentist's office looking up at the hygienist--after reading Highlights & watching CNN (that should be CCCNN) in the waiting room for two hours.


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