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Say What?


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"THE GORFEEZIK"?....uh...let's see...Oh yeah, down this corridor on on your right.


"How to Serve Man" - say, what an interesting title. Did your people write this?


"Say's here you're just in time to vote for our Leader - then we'll take you to meet him or her. No I.D. necessary, just show up at the polls.
Oh - by the way, you don't have valid tags or emissions inspections on your ship hovering over there...."

Zeos u fokat. No? Ptakeyl offtyl uptyl shoes? Hm. Hey Frank, how do you say, 'take off your shoes' in Lytcadoretp?

Frank: They speak English, John. And he's not wearing any shoes.


"Listen Dick Head!...and I mean that literally...You can't park that ship here unless you're willing to buy at least a million carbon credits....and NO I Don't have any idea what that accomplishes!"


Damned foreign phrase books! ....ummmm....come on, come on....bathroom, where's the bathroom......uh.......


You don't really look like your passport photo. Do you have another form of ID, Mrs. Nesbitt?


"I wish we'd gotten the ILLUSTRATED version of the Kama Sutra: Alien Love Secrets. I don't know a polyqylitis from a dingleberry."



"It says...'to calculate line 4931, turn to the worksheet in Appendix 3, page 84'...I turn to there, & at the top of the worksheet it says...'STEP 1: on line 1, enter the amount from line 4931'."


"OK, here we are; how to sex a wheteveryacallit. Says here you just rub the middle of the thorax right about here. If it's a male that thingy - yeah, right there - that will start to get hard. There's a footnote here too; says if it's female, you're engaged.


"It doesn't matter whether your spaceship looks like a DC-8 or not. Rule 24 allows you to take relief withour penalty from a man made obstruction. Since your ship was manufactured under Lord Xenu before you got to earth...What's that?...OK...Teegeeack...it is of alien origin...If you take a drop, you have to take a penalty stroke...Don't try to argue with me, buddy. Do you know the history of golf course martials? Well I do. Don't be so glib."


I weel not buy this tobaccanist, eet ees scratched.

Tom Wms.:

It says right here on page 374 in the Boy Scout Handbook...


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