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Illicit Nooky: $5,500 per hour


Drop-kicking a hypocritical douchebag who built his career on ethical hubris and pit bull tactics: PRICELESS

See ya, Spitzer.

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Given that he's a DEM, I was anticipating the "it was JUST about sex/sex is a private matter/it's between him & his wife" smokescreen.

Jonathan Hohensee:

I've been out of the loop when it comes to network news, but I'm pretty happy with the reactions of the liberals in the blogosphere...most left leaning blogs I read readily threw his ass into the water without a second glance or an attempt to turn the issue into something critical about conservatives.

Poor Eliot, now he may have to endure getting his ass kicked.


Wasn't the first and won't be the last guy to let his little head do all his thinking for him.

Wonder how many "critical" events in history happened because some guy got distracted.


Ruined his career - Made her's! Ya gotta love America!

in the fullness
of Time
All is revealed
it is
to see that
it is
the Little Things

Red member
on a
Blue Body?

Tom Wms.:

Isn't it kind of funny that these guys can't seem to get a really good looking girl? From the pictures I've seen, Spitzer's girl was okay, but you'd think a big powerful Governor could do a lot better for $4,000.

Speaking of high profile guys and so-so girls, the best B.C. could do was Monica!


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