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True Grit


Of all the Republican candidates, John McCain seems to be one tough son of a gun. And it looks like he's on his way to facing the Democratic nominee for leader of the free world.

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To be blunt, John Amnesty McCain can kiss my ass!

Registered Republican:

I voted for him in the NJ primary, and I'll vote for him in the election.


“I never submitted the whole system of my opinion to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent. If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go at all.” – Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Francis Hopkinson in 1789

Jonathan Logan:

Facing the democratic nominee? I thought he WAS the democratic nominee...?


If this comes off sounding malicious, I apologize in advance.

I registered to vote when I was 18, & I've voted straight Republican ever since (mainly as a "self defense"/"lesser of two evils" choice to slow the advance of Leftism), abstaining in two local races when I couldn't dig up enough information on either candidate to make an informed decision.

With McCain-Feingold & McCain's campaign ads running in my state now (he's calling himself a "Social Conservative") he's given up all pretense of promoting fiscal responsibility, he's a CINO, he's a ticking time bomb, throw in the amnesty BS--& given the fact that fundamentally there isn't a dime's worth of difference between McCain & any Democrat running, this will be the first election that I actually vote my conscience 100%.

I will ask for a paper ballot in every race, & I will write in a "No confidence" vote in all of them.

I remember thinking how odious politics seemed when I was a kid in the Carter v. Ford election. I thought then, "this is as bad as it can get." Boy, was I wrong.


Jonathan got his off before I did. Ditto to Jonathan Logan & Garandfan.

Jonathan Logan:

T'was not long ago that
the innocent child
looked on
with wonderful awe
at a man carved
in whitest stone
sitting in
and whispered reverently

"I want to be
like him,
someday. Can I grow up
to be

Hey Jonathan

Yet again....nice work. Delicate and to the point.


I'm glad I stuck around to read this one tonight. If Obama gets the Dem nomination, I'll be tempted to vote for him & bask in knowing that I won't be hearing from Hillary for 8 years. I think he's inept enough that he won't be able to do but so much damage. As a bonus we'd get to see Joy Bahar stroke out. If Hillary gets the nomination, she'll double-stroke when McCain wins.


...but Hillary will be up to bat again in 4 more years.

Jonathan Logan:

There was a time, in fact in my lifetime, that men of honor sought election to the higest office in the free world. These elections were not so much about what party the man belonged to as much as what, in good conscience, he felt he could do for his country. Unfortunately, the last man to be elected for such beliefs was shot and killed.

I fear for our country and what it has become. It is only here, in tomes such as these, that men of honor can and will continue to speak the truth in word or in images. Perhaps, in time, a candidate will emerge that is not interested in what words are associated with them beyond that of


Anybody out there?


Ugh. I hope you don't mean JFK. While he had some mighty high rhetoric, he was an ambitious yet incompetent bumbling fool--a loose cannon.

I don't know what it is about politicians meeting with a grotesque, untimely, & evil demise that prompts historians to romanticize (if not deify) men that would otherwise be considered detrimental to our republic (if not purely evil).

It started with a slow downhill slide with Washington...which accelerated with Jackson...which turned into a plunge towards oblivion with Lincoln...which surged hard left towards socialism with FDR...I'd say that now we're just a ring or two away from the core of Dante's Hell--figuratively speaking.

Jonathan Logan:

It does not matter about who was elected, but rather when, and why we voted as we did. Ideas were potulated from the back of trains on matters concerning what might be in the future. Challenges were issued not to inflame or disparage, but rather to motivate and inspire those that would listen into action on behalf of the country rather than to self. There was a time when America listened to her heart, not the New York Times.

But perhaps the concepts of honor and justice are simply the rantings of one middle-aged poet lost in a sea of mainstream pessimism...

J logan:

And the word is actually "postulated". my bad.


Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens between now and November. The current choices are odious at best.


Hi John, I know you and Allen have given up political cartooning, but the way McCain keeps comparing himself to Reagan, well, I just know there's a gag there somewhere.


True Grit, I like that. He certainly has been sand in my gears in the past.


Hey Snowdog

Allen and I talk every few days and we notice the heightened hubbub in the campaign news. And we talk about ideas we have for a 'toon.....

We DON'T talk about getting back in.



I don't think anybody expects you & Allen to do a cannonball back into the cesspool & wallow in it...BUT...If either one of you happens to get a "big idea" in passing, what would it hurt to do a 'toon once in a blue moon?


One last thing on McCain...

Were it not for the Lefty media fawning all over him (because he's a Leftist in Republican clothing) his hopes would have dried up several election cycles ago.

Hey T

McCain is a consensus guy. He's trying to appeal to both parties. A dyed-in-the-wool idealist CAN'T be elected to the White House because the U.S. citizenry won't allow it..

He's a Righty that throws Lefty. That makes him ELECTABLE, not PERFECT.


Therein lies the rub....he throws TOO FAR left!

His 'let's work together' speech was pure BS. He's got his ideas.....period.


consensus guy = pandering demagogue

I don't expect an idealist. I do expect whatever system of governance we have to maximize our individual liberty, to regulate conflicts where our individual liberties might overlap, & to give us all fair & equal treatment under the law.

That is how our government was designed to operate...& if it operated as it was designed, it would make no difference who held what office. However, from the moment it was spoken into existence, there have been multitudes working to sway government to gain some type of advantage that was previously unattainable.

The problem I have with McCain (& every other candidate, for that matter) is that he has shown that he is ready, willing, & able to perpetuate this malady to attain the perquisites of elected office. He wants to favor his targeted demographic consumer group at the expense of all others...& he robs us of our birthright to liberty for his own recipe of entitlement stew (McCain Feingold, amnesty, fiscal irresponsibility, etc.). He's a misguided megalomaniac with a short fuse.

This used to be an issue that Republicans at least gave lip service to. They don't even pretend to any more...& until one does, I'll call 'em for what they are...RATS...every last one of 'em.

I can't be the only person who realizes this election's batch of candidates has been especially lacking.


I know it's too long. I apologize. That's all I've got to say about that.

pauly pikaso:

The truth about this election is that if Commander CAIN win's,you can guarantee
that he will implement the draft 18-40
and did I mention raise taxes.Cain also
plans to widen the border with his new
comandante Juan "el cieago" Hernandez
who can see nutting but the left.
Commander Cain has his good amigos like
Nancy Peligro and Charlie Riengold and
Juansito Kerry of Boston who have already
have the draft legislation ready for EL Juefe
Commander Cains personal signature.
Now you know he has already designed his
commandante uniform which he will wear often!


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