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Illustration Job-part 2


The art director and I decided to tweak the cover illustration. Thank goodness I beat the deadline by a few days so I could have a chance at making changes.

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Much better facial features and expression. Well done!

Fascinating modifications.

It looks like you were able to keep most of your work with some minor post-op and primarily just redid the portrait and its aging?

She looks skinnier with less Asian features. I'm left wondering which would be more accurate for that time and region. It feels sharper, too, with a more delicate shadow.

In any case, I like it.


It turned out that I could redo the Esther image by pasting in a new surface on the original taped-up area. Once I knew how I could strengthen the new image and improve the shadow work, it was just of a matter of using a few illustration tricks to pull it off.

Flexibility is really important in commercial illustration.


This one is a HUGE improvement over the one posted 02/10.

I thought that one one seemed too clean--almost sterile looking (I like the narrower aspect ratio).

There's one little thing that unsettles me (& it's probably just me imposing myself on the picture, not a criticism). For some reason, the eyes & upper cheekbones of "Esther" remind me of a number of "portraits of Christ" I've seen over the years (like those old faded ones the "church ladies" had in their homes--the ones with Christ wearing a decoration that was a purple heart adorned with a crown of thorns). Because I see the eyes that way, it makes the face seem just a little bit masculine to me.

Actually, Christ-like eyes on Esther would be a good device for effect, intentional or not. Bonus points if it's intentional.

My impositions notwithstanding, this is by far my favorite version. KUDOS.


Just trying' to make a livin'. I happen to think this is some of my best commercial work. Thanks for the kind word.



I'm asking just because I'm curious (& it helps me to get other peoples' perspectives so I understand better down the road)...

When you say "[she looks] less Asian," do you mean "less East Asian?"

Thanks in advance.


Just my opinion, but I feel you made a little too thin in the face - kind of gaunt looking. However, adding the necklace and flow of hair is a definate plus - probably appropriate for the time and place.

T, yes, "East Asian" is a better description, thanks. I forgot how undescriptive "Asian" was for a moment. :)

Maybe it's just me, but the previous version looked more East Asian than Persian.



Thanks. That's exactly what I was wondering about.

FYI...Esther was Jewish. Historic accounts explain her presence in Persia as the result of her being on a covert divine mission to ensure the continuation of the lineage from David to Christ.

Fascinating FYI, T. Thanks.

Historic accounts explain her presence in Persia as the result of her being on a covert divine mission to ensure the continuation of the lineage from David to Christ.
I don't think I've ever heard anyone describe it that way, but that works.

Also, she definately looks more Semetic this way.



My goal was an economical explanation. The format of this blog dictates brevity, something I'm not good at when I write. I'll sacrifice brevity for clarity any day.

However, [I'm learning] this forum is a mixer, not a think tank (no offense to ANYONE intended). Therefore, I deferred (for once).

To those who don't know the story--read the book!


add to that first paragraph, "the consequence being that I come off to many as a bore."


"Not a thinktank, but a mixer"

Nice. It's the point of haviing a chance to leave a comment and enjoy talking about the arts.



I recall you making the same point in an earlier thread...same idea, just paraphrased.


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