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Say What?


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Don't drop that butt so quick, pal. What, do you think you're in a dump or something?


Hey, don't cha' know youse is pollutin' da environment wit dat smoke an dat plastic coffee cup?


Yes, John, I know it's hard to understand, but the Agency really does need someone with your talents at this facility. BTW, love the tie.


Youse wanna splain why your wokers ain't in the union?


I like Garandfan's first one...here's my twist on it...

"Lissen, buddy...dis iz a no smokin' ayrea...youse is stinkin' up da place, & da oibin owtdoismin is complainin' dat youse is advoisly impactin' bote dey helt an' da invirunmint."


"Sum pollytishun sint you tuh git some mutirial fuh dey next speech, huh? I gess dis iz'z good'uh place az any...Youse want I shud getcha sum buckits?"


"Weez needs us uh new t'eme fuh da new Uhmarykin Dream...Howzabout 'Steroids, Cow Parts, Pesticides iz in da bay'?"

Rhymes with 'Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie & [name of auto manufacturer withheld so's John duzzint get hiz legs broke by da yoonion woikers].


I wanted ya ta see dis dump, John. Dis dump iz cleaner than your lungs. Ya see what I'm sayin?

Tom Wms.:

(Looks like Jeff Foxworthy with a tie.)

My name is Bruno Cacciatore, and I am not smarter than a fifth grader.


Hey Boss, are we dar yet?


"I'm da noo enfoahsah fuh da Watchtowah, an' we ain't pleezd dat youse iz in dah Jehobah's Witniss Prutekchin Prograaam...All's I gots tuh say iz dey ain't no kinda way outta heah, jokah...Youse catch my drift?"



OK, Terwiliger. Funny--but it's not like you need encouragement.

You think our smoking lounge is bad? You should see the cafeteria!


"Weez wud like tuh owffah yuh bettah akomudashuns, but a smokin' sekshun at Mama Mia's wud be like a whizzin' sekshun in a pool."


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