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Illustration Job


This is a cover I did for Allen Forkum's Automotive Report newspaper in Nashville. The news item was about how mechanics must deal with future technological developments in the automotive industry.

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The Diadatic 4200 Turbo was
a mechanic's nightmare. Although it could (and did) diagnose it's own ill's, it had the odd habit of presenting conflicting data in order to test the mechanic's knowledge skills prior to allowing the mechanic to 'work on it'. More than one 'wrench turner' was left in tears when deemed "not fit" to work on the D4200T.

Daaaayum...that is one hella magic carpet ride, right there. Very sweet wheels, bro.


"Hey, Charlie, could you see what the manual says about getting her on to the hoist for an oil change."

Jonathan Logan:

"Hey Bubba! it says here datt da framastatic fluid int da fanortner rods is need'n an inverse calallactral treatment inna its freostatic calaquads! Can yous pass da hammer?"

As a mechanic of 30+ years (!), I can tell ya that modern cars are more computer than anything else. I have spent more time learning about "the next big thing" in the automotive industry than I did earning my engineering degree!


I really try to avoid the obvious, but I've gotta ask...

Where's the Mr. Fusion and the Flux Capacitor?


Allen who? What does Allen report about?

Tom Wms.:


Tom Wms.:

Where's the hood!?!


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