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Haiku What?

Just beyond notice,
The fog cringes at each breath.
A Black Squire awaits...

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Jonathan Hohensee:

Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd
He served a dark and hungry God.

Jonathan Logan:

Amid the celebration grand
goes a dark and powerful man
With intentions known to him alone

Jonathan Logan:

Thru the fog he waits
Watching for those who would wake
The sleeping Giant


He watches
The obscure


Alone in the mist
A shadowed man stops to think
"Where'd I park the car?"

Jonathan Hohensee:

The anachronism;
He's out of place everywhere
except in Cleveland

Approaching drivers
Would sometimes yell at him, "Move!"
But statues don't move.


Oh, to dine where the
smoking section is in the
middle of the road

I know...It's breaking form for the lines to spill from one to the next...Shame on me.

KUDOS to everybody else, whether you followed the 5-7-5 form or were more free with it. I like them all---Kevin's is my favorite.

HEY JOAN! You're good at this stuff...Show us something!


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