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Haiku What?

It is often said:
Absolute power corrupts.
Let me find out....please?

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Son, I really wish you'd stop screaming "Off with his head" every time you get upset with someone. I know grandma thinks it's cute, but we're having trouble getting a babysitter on Friday nights.


As a dad, I can say that's funny. And I've been there.


Snotty little brat
"He's such a little darling!"
Only to spawners

red collar:

nothing but the best
you love the fruit of your loins
but now he hates you

The antidote:
Russell Peters - Beat your kids


Royal little pain
Thy reign ist a delusion
Oh, to smite thy butt


Step aside, father
Let my reign be manifest
I am Burger King



I hope you don't mind if I bounce off yours.

Step aside, father
Let my reign be manifest
I am Booger King


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