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Say What?


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Would you like to join JC and I, post-game? We have a hot tub in our sky box. :o)

The Cowboys will be your personal challenge. Arrange it with your master.

Mr. Michael:

Sad news... I've just been informed that the "KILL THEM!" "MURDER THEM!" and "WIPE 'EM ALL OUT!" cheers aren't supposed to end in any deaths... all your hard work has been for nothing!


Plagiarizing another comedian because I have NOTHING...


"Okay, I'm back. Thanks for holding my pom poms."


Today it's my turn... I choose the 31! I'm sorry...


After the game, wanna come up and see my, um, scars?


Good thing we're playing the zombies this week. They're falling apart out there.

I swear, your hair DOES look pretty like that.

Wow... this one's a challenge.

"This time, mistress, this time you'll show them there's more to you than a pair of hot pom-poms!"


"Three kegs at the Alpha Zeta Necro house. Whadda ya say?"


"You know...(insert heavy breathing)...in this light, you look just like Kurt Russell"


"Hey pretty, care for a little slap and tickle? After the match, eh? Mano a mano, eh?" *nudge* *wink* *SLAM* *death throes*


This is going to be the best season of Dutch Rules Football ever!

"You see? My magic blouse has made you beloved among men, Frank. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha"


May I Call you "Snake" Ms. Pliskin?


Yes Master, I like this creation much better. It's softer.

"Leave the gun....take the pom poms."


"Ahhh...theeeese new aye that mahst'r gave meee to seee thee ouhtside of people as their eehnside works on cheerleeeehd'rs...NOW...ON TO WAHSHEEEENGTON!!!"


If you have to explain it, it probably isn't all that funny...but here's one that's a reference to the sign outside the gates of Hell in Dante's Inferno...

"I may abandon hope once I'm inside...but as long as I'm on the outside...KNOCK KNOCK!!!"


One more...I have to poke fun at Hollywood with this one...& there is a host of starlets who would be suitable targets...

I've decided to use one that, in my humble opinion, COULD have been the most naturally beautiful woman in the entertainment bidness...

I still think she's a fox, but to think about what she COULD have been...

"Uh, Ms. Milano...as your agent, this self-vandalism/mutilation thing you seem to be obsessed with is making it harder & harder for me to sell you as a good witch."

John McVey:

Yurr cloned deeemon aaarmy veel mek shurt verk ov dem, meestress! hurhurhurhurkkk!!

mr.cox - devon:

vary odd.


I'm with you, Devon.

Tom Wms.:

So, ... are you into pain?

Tom Wms.:

I'm such a DIRTY little man!

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