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Vibin' off a Mr. Waterson....

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Kirkwood, the early years.

The thrill of the chase started early. 1st grade saw my first score. Weeks of tracking down rumors led me to the skinny broad. Oh, she tried to play innocent, but I saw thru her trifilling ways. Once she saw I wasn't kidding, Yogi was mine again! Ya don't mess with Kirkwood!


You did a great job of catching the vibes. I have my son's complete collection. Waterson was a genius.


Haha! Great job!

"Fool me once," I muttered, fumbling with a fresh clip. The dame had been toying with me for weeks, I realized. Too bad she was playing with the big boys, now. I held my breath as she moved into the pool of light beneath my perch on the fire escape. Just a little closer and I would have her. Just . . . a little . . . closer . . .

"MOM! He's dropping water balloons off the roof again!"


That's a nice turn. Very visual...


A darker version of Clavin and Hobbes.


A darker version of Calvin and Hobbes.


Glad you like it. *gleeful grin*

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