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Haiku What?

Hanging out on the edge,
Toes dangling over Paris,
Catching whiffs of merde.

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Airing out complaints
Gargoyles find sanctuary
Paris' Hilton Pets


Under foot!
In the air!


Another little "epic" haiku...tying two themes together...

It seems they're gazing
o’er the reflecting pool in
Washington, D. C.

Could those gargoyles be
instead, filthy little pols
on Capitol Hill?

Perched atop the spire
of the monument to George
they plot their next move

Their dastardly plans
subvert the Constitution…
liberties perish

Do you think they are
someone to watch over us?
A tragic error...

But why should you care?
T. V. writers are on strike!
Who will House fire next?

Tune in tomorrow
to that stupid glowing tube…
Bread and circuses

While you vegetate
they suck the very marrow
from your lazy bones

Thank you very much...
Your pathetic apathy
erodes my freedoms too

Evil little beasts...
They're not the primary threat...
WE'RE to blame for THEM

Been a slow month here
The immigrants are not happy
Let's watch the riots.

Soaring above me,
I know you grow so weary,
join me on my perch.

My friends are but stone,
refusing to talk with me,
I am all alone.

So, come dear birdies,
fly unto me, I'll only
eat but two or three.

John McVey:

Man I love these things
So crunchy on the outside
Yet chewey inside


I like Kevin's haiku & John's addendum...GOOD ONE!

Can I play too?

Tickling my fancy
Bye Bye tasty little squabs
Won't get pooped again


A Haiku This? response to the recent Quiptoon featuring the quotation from William James...

talismans for God
show artisans’ egotism
religion’s no worse


superstitious minds
ju ju dolls to guard their God
they failed their faith twice


ages sitting here
man my 'roids are killing me
you'd look p#@%$ed off too

Yeah, nice addendums, John and Terwiliger. Looks like you've got a talent for these, T. :)

John McVey:

I can't claim credit for it as I stole it shamelessly from my boss's coffee mug. That has a pic of two polar bears getting stuck into an igloo with human footsteps leading in, with one bear making a similar remark to the other.



To one degree or another, all this stuff is derivative.

"There is nothing new under the sun."

For example, the last line in my little addition was a spin on the Who song, "Won't get fooled again."

I watch the beginning of CSI Miami (JUST the beginning) to see that stupid redhead detective (reminds me of a cross between Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy, & Cain from Kung Fu) make his little quip followed by the Roger Daltry scream from that song.


Cast in stone to guard
the one omnipotent God...
sounds like gubmint work!


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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