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Book Cover Idea


This would be a collection of personal anecdotes revolving around what people were into during the summer of '74.

As for me, I was ten. I was into little league baseball, Cosby albums and listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon".

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Wow, sounds like you were an interesting 10 year old. I wish I could remember what I was doing or what interested me when I was ten. It all kinda runs together for me.


At 26, I took momentary leave of my sanity and got married!


I was 15, working construction for my dad in Alaska that summer. I had just gotten a guitar, which I brought along. I was terrible.

My mom and dad had gotten divorced the year before, and she and I had moved from Anchorage to Ballwin MO. Ninth grade that year was like moving from Haight Ashbury to Happy Days...

1974, that would have been Starke, FL. I was 9 and my parents had just gotten divorced. I remember listening to a lot of music on AM radio.


I was a pudgy 8 year-old.

Parents still let their kids play outside unsupervised--all we had to do was "be home in time for supper."

Three channels on a black & white TV that was on for no more than 2 hours a night...

That summer, I would have been thanking God I was out of Mrs. McKenna's 2nd grade class. She was a hateful shrew who had no business teaching, & I hated school for many years after...

I was listening to old jazz records...Georgie Auld, Ben Webster, Earl Hines, Count Basie (stink fingers...but he sure could put a band together)...

Spent lots of time on a creek bank with an old bamboo pole & a cork float...hunting for crawdads & salamanders...collecting bugs & spiders...snacking on wild huckleberries that were all through the woods...playing stickball barefoot in a pasture, grasshopper weeds getting caught between my bare toes...

The high school girls at the lake...bikinis were SMALL...wonderful bits popping out of tops & peeking around bottoms...OH MAN those were the days!!! No piercings, no tattoos, no sillycone--just female-ness in all its natural, unadorned & unvandalized glory...

I remember LOTS more...but I won't bore you with it...

I was into Pampers at the time. And bottles. And a mean run of colic.


17 years old working the summer on a concrete construction crew, remember walking into bars and sitting down for a beer and never getting carded.


Wow, '74. The summer I want to forget.


Good stuff! Very heart-warming.

It was longish, but certainly not boring, Terwiliger.

I'm frickin' surrounded by interesting people here. :)


That would be 15 and finishing 9th grade for me, also. I was recovering from the horrors of junior high school, not knowing I was on the edge of the broad vistas of high school. I was also reading a lot of classic science fiction (Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein), and on a warm summer morning in August, I stood outside to see if I could catch a glimpse of Nixon's final ride on Marine One. (I grew up near Andrews AFB.)



Thanks...but I like to write...& while I certainly don't think I'm boring, I didn't want to push it any further...

In 1974, I was at birth minus nine years.

I win for makin' y'all feel old. ;-)


Thanks Joanna, I needed to hear that after reading all the other posts. ;o)


I was only two years old.

But the next year I was three and I remember seeing the news about the fall of Saigon. It left an indelible mark on me to watch the ignominious flight from the commies.

Then I missed the Cold War altogether.


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