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Say What?


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"You no come home! Me fleak out...FLEAK OUT!!

Jimmy Durante? I oughta kick your sorry ass!


"Is it in yet?"


You never told me you wore a toupee!

Good giggle, John. I guess I wasn't expecting it. 3 chicks for you.

"Aaa-choooo! It's that cologne or me, Harold! Pick one! Aaaa-"




"Did you change your pants this morning, Ronald?!"

"I accidentally took your Viagra instead of my sinus pills!!"


The new Viagra nasal spray had some unexpected results when accidentaly used by women


"What do you mean my yelling made your hair fall out?"

"Ya wouldn't hear me under a burka!"


It's tough for me to see an East-Asian in that face. To me, "she" looks more like Prince Charles & Camilla Parker-Bowles somehow mated & managed to produce one of their ancestors. EWWWW!

However, if you still want to go the East-Asian route, I'll play along...

"You stoppa singa 'Dude Rook Rika Rady'! I rooka rika rady because I AM a rady, soja boy!"


"So what the hell did you do with the monkey !?!"


"Hey pal, you're the one who said a Japanese-remake of 'Tootsie' was a sure thing!"


A Dustin Hoffman reference! I really don't know where i was going with that nose. Big is funny, I guess.


I'm going for the obscure reference award with this one...

"AHHHHHHH!!! GEORGE!!! For God's sake--take this dreadful earpiece back RIGHT NOW!!! I was wrong--these sounds are NOT interesting at all!!! Infernal Handicapper General!!!"

An ode to Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut. READ IT!!!


What if the "bubble" was over the guy's head?

"Man, I wish they made some kind of pills so that I could have a 'happy period.'"


Last one (if the bubble was over the guy's head)...

"The Cialis ad said to consult a doctor if experiencing 4-hour wood or deteriorating vision. Whose vision wouldn't deteriorate with 4-hour wood?"

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