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Book Cover Idea


Played with an original drawing in PhotoShop. This feels like a Richard Ford story of a entomologist's epic fall from grace.

UPDATE: Took a hint from Terwiliger for a new take on the idea. Thanks, T

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Kevin K.:

I'm not well-read enough to know who Richard Ford is, but the idea of a story about an entomologist's epic fall from grace sounds worth reading.


Just be careful because the image of a face with a moth covering the mouth mirrors the cover of "Silence of the Lambs."


Yeah....it's a DIFFERENT moth?


Of course it is, and it's FEMALE!


For symbolic reasons, why not replace the moth with a scarab (dung) beetle?

I'd be partial to seeing a dragonfly (it could be embossed & raised, maybe finished in blue/green color-shifting paint).

OR--you could change the moth to a tobacco moth--they're bright yellow & they're huge, so it wouldn't look anything like the one in Lambs (& of course the association with tobacco would make it the most infernal moth of all).


You are certainly welcome. Please allow me to express my thanks to you for:

(1) A forum that affords us some interaction with an inspired creative person without getting caught up in the celebrity worship/a$$-kissing mill.

(2) An outlet to participate in some small way in a creative process that reaches beyond the usual small coils we "lesser mortals" shuffle through (& while I would like to have a larger impact on the collective consciousness than I do, I've tired of the "gatekeepers" who won't let better ideas than theirs get past them [unless, of course, they can rip off the creators for all they are worth--talent/literary agents, this means YOU]--& I don't care one flip about being "famous").

(3) Years of primo political cartoons.

Thanks to you as well, Mr. Forkum, wherever you are.


My pleasure, man. I'm trying to keep the approach that I'm throwing a party and you guys are invited. I try to host this thing with the idea that everyone enjoys participating and bouncing ideas off other energetic types.

So far, it's been a gas. Very inspiring. Your views have been entertaining and you seem to get the give-and-take of the language of art. It's MEANT to inspire social interplay.


Forgive my intrusion, and being unfashionably late here, but it would appear that the insect IS a dragonfly, and not a moth.

But what I saw at first glance, for some reason, was a resemblance to John Lennon in the profile...


You missed the initial post.

My FIRST take at this illustration WAS a moth, then I went back and changed it to a dragonfly based on an intriguing suggestion from Terwiliger.


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John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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