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Well, let me tell ya. It turns out Movable Type suffered a big snafu in coding and many, many people who depend on blog-love got aced out for the last couple of days. These things happen, I suppose. The good news is I'm all better and we can continue the party. Maestro, strike up the band!

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Glad you're back.


Yeah, scalzi was bitching about it too.

Most of the time it's not the softeware, or the interface, it's the server.

My bro's a sys-admin, and while I was doing work for him one time, while he was working at another company, and I crashed at his place, is friggen beaper would go off constantly, and at first I would wake him up to let him know.

He explained to me that servers down CONSTANTLY, but for very short periods, the concern comes when they are down for a long time, (more than 3 hours. 3 HOURS!?!?!) But he also explained that there are a crapload of servers, in general, that serve specific needs, and that even 3 hours is a nothing.

Kinda like triage.

I don't know what your specific issue was, but unless it was your own software, I wouldn't worry, it happens all the time.

BTW big bro was working for an energy company, if he wasn't worried about a 3 hour shutdown, then an art blogger shouldn't be.

Just say'n.


Hmm, that explains why none of my recent comments appeared...


I question the timing. But then, I've gotten used to the black helicopters circling overhead in 'whisper mode'.


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