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Haiku What?

O, stoic Amish
They eschew modern wonders
Like f***ing iPhones.

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Beards, with no mustache
Time saved by shaving little
But toilets don't flush

David Ostroske:

Hey, how did you get a profile of an Amish guy in the first place?

   The guy that sold him
   The button-pressing machine
   Also stole his soul!


Amiable folk
With post-prehistoric aims
Are the Amish lot.

Mr. Micahel:

No eyes to see
Can't appreciate new idea
Reads New York Times

Kids await command.
The Amish remote control.
"Throw a new log on."

Inspiration's flash
sparks a bright idea.
Not bulb but candle.

Windows crashes down,
Painful toil ahead.
Wish I was Amish.


Reading by lamplight
Wooden rockers made by hand
Honestly simple


No new ideas
Down with electricity
Hard-core nostalgia

Ducks would speak in code
Grandpa'd cast a long shadow.
Wii shall prevail

(I dunno, I just tried it, not sure that it works)

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