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Quiptoons (Uncut)


Did I cross a line here?

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I've always suspected as much...

Jonathan Hohensee:

Holy shit!

"Did I cross a line here?"

Oh HELL no!

Okay, thats just wrong, I bet the entire time you had the joke of "why did mickey divorce minnie" in your head while you were making this.

I ganked your image and used it to illustrate the joke over at AMA.

Judge: "So Mickey, you say you want a divorce because Minnie is crazy?"
Mickey: "No, Your Honor, I said she was f*ck!ng Goofy!"

I had to look up Wickedpinto's joke reference since I am pure in these matters -- mostly due to my forgetfulness.

Sorry, Wickedpinto. I didn't mean to steal any thunder.

Definitely crossed a line there, John. Quite a few lines from the looks of it. On the plus side, I hear the dark side is more powerful. So there is that.

Rated R -> Uncut -> "Uncircumcised Philistine!" -> King David (who Michelangelo apparently sculpted with a little extra skin?)

Is this how your mind works? :) In any case, that's how my mind works. I felt like we were having a conversation through your pics for a while there.

It's funny, I thought GarandFan and I might have been getting close to someone's line with our comments on that phallic picture you drew with the stretching woman. Now you actually intend some wink, wink, nudge, nudge, and... :)

This can be a weird and public and difficult medium to communicate in since a lot goes unsaid and subtleties can be lost. No worries, mate. You're doing swell.


Goofey, the later years. Used up, no job, no friends but the crack whore in the next apartment doing the odd job for pocket change.

Nah Kevin, I don't think anyone who see's Disney as the holy sea visits this site/blog anyways.

John crossed a line that he himself created, and even then he backed off.

Piss christ?

Cross a line, humorously depict a beloved character in a less than chaste way, thats fine.

If goofy was doing anything that many of us don't already do with a clearly satirical background (the books and the scraggly beard, the bum clothing, and the obvious depiction of an out of work goofy.

Thats just funny,

Though WRONG!
But thats my kinda funny.

As for the joke, it was never my joke to begin with, I just borrowed it for immediate reference.

All's cool.

Cool, Wickedpinto. Speaking of subtleties lost, I was just goofing about the dark side and John crossing over. Sorry for any confusion. :)


Seeing a murder on television can... help work off one’s antagonisms. And if you haven’t any antagonisms, the commercials will give you some.
-- National Observer, 15 Aug. 1966

Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn’t change people’s habits. It just kept them inside the house.
-- NY Journal-American, 25 Aug. 1965

Give them pleasure -- the same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.
-- on audiences, Asbury Park NJ Press, 13 Aug. 1974


Just trying to push the envelope a bit. I'm attracted to fine work, but sometimes the little, dirty joker in me cuts loose.

Hey, it happens.....

Hey, I liked it. Does the ice bucket and booze bottle behind imply an actor between films, or were you shooting for a different meaning I'm missing?

Busting Disney's chops is a tradition for good cartoonists. Check out Berke Breathed's Outland, for instance. Seems to be a declaration of confidence in one's work.

WHOA dude...

Are you implying Goofy is uncut?

Maybe THAT's crossing a line...

I don't know if you read your old posts, but I made this some time ago, if I were blogging in '98 and there were a "piss christ" at the time I probably would have made the same post.

Mell blanc "silence"

I get that same sort of simple faith in art.

Oh, you have high, and low art, but you also have art that actually means something.

Implying goofy is a director seems to be a bigger sin in my book.


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