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I thought this could be a book cover for a southern gothic tale. Any titles?

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VIktor Nacht:

"Sunken Moon"

How about "The Whole of The Moon"?

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

A Streetcar Named "A Good Man Is Hard To Find to Kill a Mockingbird in Cold Blood"

Jonathan C. Hohensee:

It would be about a family driving down to New Orleans who are put on trail after being falsely accused of killing a family of four.

If anyone who where to write it would win, like, a Super-Pulitzer 


"The Gothic Moonshiner"


"The Canon of the Knight"

"Father Night"


The Duke of Midnight Bayou


The Longleaf Pine

"A Memory of Rumpled Feasings"

The Kudzu Chronicles

Blood & Okra

The Bones of St. Bubba

Interview With A Noodler

Twelve Gauge Dawn

Last Train to Mama's

The Kleansing

"Unfairly Judged by the Man in the Moon"


The Masking Tape Murders

Blue Grits


Waffle-House Woe

Well, because of that collar, he is really Dracula-like, but without the aristocratic appearance of Bela Lugosi.

Or it could be a movie poster, for some kind of "film noir", or Fritz Lang, something like that.


how bouts "the man in tha moon...or is he"


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